The ghost in the mirror (English version)

I remember the sun rays on my skin, the warm breeze, the sand under my feet. When I was a child I lived in Africa with my family, I don’t have a vivid image of my mother, unfortunately I haven’t seen her for many years. One morning we were in the river when horrible noises scared us, they were fast and strong, it was the first time I heard something like that. The panic took over us. A net fell on me, I screamed terrified for help to the rest but the were very far. A stinging pain punctured my back, a few seconds later I fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up I felt cold and hunger, I was surrounded by metal bars, I was locked, I tried to push them, throw them, I tore my throat screaming but nobody came to save me. The next days weren’t better, those strange creatures who separated me from my family, they didn’t leave me with anything to eat, they tortured me and humiliated me only for have fun. The years passed, I didn’t know where I was but one thing was certain, the African heat was far away. Days were dark and painful, nights blinded me, deafened me.

One of those nights before they returned to lock me I saw someone who reminded me of my mother, but she was thinner, her gray skin almost dying, I freaked out thinking it was a ghost until I realized it was me. I saw in my image the reflection of all my scars, from the past and from the present. Those creatures called it circus, I called it torture. I’m sorry, you can hit all you want but I won’t forget where I come from and what I am, an elephant.


El Fantasma en el Espejo